Bosnian Clerics Pray Together at Wartime Death Sites – BIRN

April 25, 2017

Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish religious leaders prayed together during a first-ever joint visit to massacre sites from the 1990s war. According to the news site Klix, Serbian Orthodox Bishop Vladika Grigorije said, “The time has come for everybody to honestly feel shame for all that has happened among us.”

Grigorije was accompanied by Catholic Cardinal Vinko Puljic, deputy Grand Mufti Husejin Smajic, a representative of the country’s Jewish Community, Boris Kozemjakin, and Bosnia’s Minister of Human Rights and Refugees, Semiha Borovac.

The clerics and the minister visited the Jewish Municipality of Sarajevo, the capital’s Kazani district, Krizancevo Selo, Kruscica and the Koricani cliffs, where they prayed for the souls of the victims killed there together.

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