Former POW Testifies Against Mahmuljan – SRNA

December 22, 2016

Former Serb soldier and prisoner of war Nedjo Pecanac testified on Tuesday at the trial of Sakib Mahmuljan, commander of the 3rd Corps of the Army of BiH. Mahmuljan’s command included the Mujahideen detachment, made up of Islamist foreign fighters. According to the witness, mujahideen under Mahmuljan’s command beat and tortured him and other prisoners before handing them over to Bosnian Muslim soldiers.

“They tied us up and mujahideen questioned us and beat us with a rod, rifle butts, metal pipes. They hurt us badly and we were all swollen. Once a mujahideen hit me so hard, that I fell down the stairs,” Pecanac has said.

He says that they spent some ten days in the camp, after which a [Bosnian] Muslim took them to the Zenica Correctional Facility.

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