EU Police Twinning Project Makes Progress – EU

December 21, 2016

The steering board of the EU-funded “Strengthening Law Enforcement” project met Tuesday and announced that the project had met its objectives for the year. The board also announced the signing and publication of the “Declaration on Zero Tolerance to Corruption within Police Service.”

The signing of the Declaration on Zero Tolerance to Corruption within Police Service by all law enforcement agencies in BiH to reiterate commitment to more succesful fight against corruption as a serious threat to BiH society was another succesfully implemented activity that the Project’s Steering Board took note of.

In discussion on priorities for the upcoming six months, the Steering Board agreed that these will, among other, include strengthening of police and prosecutorial capacities in the fight against crime. “The desired end-state is to have investigation and prosecution capacities strengthened and relevant cooperation mechanisms further developed. In this field, too, we will rely on the best EU practice as further synchronization of investigation and prosecution of serious crime and corruption among law enforcement across the country is needed,” said Assistant BiH Minister of Security Samir Rizvo in his capacity of Beneficiary Country Project Leader.

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